AccessAR Featured in StartUp Here Toronto

October 19, 2019

Brands are increasingly turning to the augmented reality space to create interactive and shareable campaigns via social media. Toronto’s AccessAR has positioned itself on the frontline of this new, blended reality.

We are living in a blended world, one where we can change the reality we see through our smartphone lens with the swipe of a finger. You want devil horns and explosions behind you? Pull up AC/DC’s Highway to Hell 40th anniversary Snapchat lens or Facebook filter. Not enough Spiderman in your life? Point the Spider-Man: Far From Home Snapchat lens at the convenience store aisle ahead of you and he’s right there doing spins and high kicks by the Doritos.

See, blended – bent and twisted. But there’s a small cohort of companies behind this remixed reality working directly with brands to develop augmented reality content for Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, and Toronto startup AccessAR is one of them.

“Most of my competitors are sort of AR studios that do this as an afterthought to drive a little bit of extra revenue,” says Chrissy Gow, founder of AccessAR.  “But this is our sole focus.”

Gow elbowed out some space in the niche a year ago. She was put onto the medium by two professors at Ryerson University where she was working on her masters in fashion studies. She’d been trying to crack how to use AR to tackle fashion e-commerce but pivoted to creating content for brands to use as part of their marketing campaigns.

She launched AccessAR in January.

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