AccessAR x Digital Artist Karen Vanderborght’s GREY MATTER

March 22, 2019

Snapcodes with the Grey Matter Icon in the center cover the walls in an art gallery

Using Augmented Reality and Social Media as Art platforms GREY MATTER is the portable version of a Magic Mirror, flipping selfies into self-reflection, with the help of the oldest influencers of our lifetime.

Digital Artist Karen Vanderborght’s latest work shows that large consumer-facing brands aren’t the only ones that can leverage Snapchat AR lenses to engage and delight their audience.  


AccessAR provided creative coding support to Karen Vanderborght, a creative director with a focus on new technology, cross-platform storytelling and human-centred design. Vanderborght created  GREY MATTER —a series of digital audio/visual stories accessible by scanning Snapchat Snapcodes in a gallery setting— to explores the poetic and existential potential of AR, social media, and smartphones. This Dada collage for the digital age turns selfies into a self-reflective magic mirror where the wit and wisdom of our elders serve as your guide.

Through your phone, you interact with the sublime, tragic, and inspirational stories of 10 diverse seniors living in Canada. See their words, thoughts, and appearances transpose and intersect with your selfie in an edifying engagement on themes of aging, memory, time, regret, and resilience.

Social Media AR and Digital Storytelling

Augmented Reality on Snapchat and Instagram now serves as both a digital platform for artists or as a medium to add additional context depth and context to physical art. Instead of carrying around bulky headsets, visitors can access detailed visual and text-based information from their smartphones via marker technology on Snapchat and Instagram that can easily be shared with their network.  


Opening Reception: March 21st - 6pm - 8pm

Exhibition: March 21st to March 28th - 12pm - 6pm

Trinity Square Video

21–401 Richmond Street West, Toronto

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