How to Increase Your Pop-Up’s Reach with Snapchat

March 12, 2019

A bird's eye view of the 'Up Close: Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel' pop up exhibition
Photo by Robin Garnier

Pop-ups are temporary events that bring branded experiences to an audience that may not otherwise have the chance to interact with a brand, product or exhibition. Given the temporal nature of these “now you see it, now you don’t” activations, it takes a considerable amount of effort to make a pop-up stand out. Get it right, and you’ll be able to create a long-lasting buzz that will continue long after your event is over!

There’s often a limit to the number of people that can experience a pop-up, but we’ll show you how to extend the reach of your activation by leveraging the digital influencer community and Snapchat lenses. Help fans continue the conversation online, by giving them access to the most powerful digital tools to share their awesome experience!

Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop

Everyone has that distant relative that gives you something you just don’t want over the holidays. Skittles took the initiative to give unwanted gifts a chance at a second life by holding a Pawn Shop Pop-up. After December 25th, people were invited to a dedicated pop-up shop to exchange their unwanted gifts for their worth in Skittles. Reusable items like socks, PJs, gloves and personal care items were given extra credits because the trade-ins were donated to the United Way!

The event was an incredible success with guest appearances by the band Hollerado, infamous city councillor Norm Kelly (a.k.a Toronto’s 6Dad) and more. There were lines around the block—and sadly, not everyone was able to get in to pawn their items. This pop-up’s social media efforts used the hashtag #SkittlesPawn to encourage visitors to help spread the word for them, and it definitely added to the pre-event hype and increased attendance!

A man using the Skittles Pawn Snapchat lens; a Skittles rainbow floats over his head and cover his face

Snapchat Lenses x Skittles

A custom-branded face lens could have offered those visitors waiting in line a way to get engaged before reaching the pawn shop experience—imagine a lens that lets Skittles pour out of a users mouth, or a mosaic mask made entirely out of Skittles! Rather than giving people just a hashtag to use, this helps them create their own experiences to share with friends and family—all while being careful not to let Aunt Mabel see you pawned that ugly holiday sweater! With clickable lenses also a possibility, these experiences can be used to direct more traffic and awareness to your pop-up with a link to the event website. When your event is only there for a limited time,  a unique lens experience will help visitors get the most out of your activation.

A crowd hangs out at the Budweiser SXSW Garage pop-up event

Budweiser SXSW Garage

Budweiser held a huge pop-up at SXSW with five different stations. The main attraction was a VR tour of the facility in St. Louis where Bud was originally made, and a showcase of their quality control process (could there be a more fun job?). The Clydesdales horses Budweiser famously uses in their commercials were also present; virtually, of course. The rest of the stations represented the various places Budweiser can be found—the bar, your local sports stadium, the liquor store and, of course, as a welcome guest at any house party. Every location featured an interactive experience—seen and enjoyed in virtual reality.

Snapchat Lenses x Budweiser

Budweiser’s pop-up experience was the result of months of hard work, and it would have been a shame to have missed it simply because you didn’t know about it! A World lens featuring  a pint of Bud beer to ‘cheers’ friends with in-app fits perfectly with the ‘This Bud’s For You’ slogan, and would show beer drinkers world-wide what they’re missing!

Smirnoff Comic Book Party

Smirnoff wanted to throw an epic party for their most valued customers, bar and restaurant owners, and other F&B professionals . As part of a series of events, they threw a themed bash styled as a comic book party inspired by the creations of Roy Lichtenstein. Comic books were used as invites, bartenders had comic character face paint, and pictures from the event were added to a limited-edition comic book that were given to attendees as a thank you!

Snapchat Lenses x Smirnoff

This event was filled with industry influencers, the perfect crowd to build brand awareness for the Smirnoff name. People love showing off their industry-insider status, and a Face lens that transforms party-goers into their favourite comic book figure would have fit the theme perfectly. This content would not only look fantastic added to the event’s comic book thank-you gift, but would have helped keep the conversation going after the event with branded Snaps to share with their extended network!

These are just some of the ways Snapchat lenses can help your brand extend its reach beyond the pop-up and help people create user-generated content to interact with their friends. Want to learn more about social media AR? Check out our full list of resources here.

Interested in seeing how we can take your Snap game to the next level? Reach out to our team to learn more about creating a custom lens for Snapchat!

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