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Award winning, ready made and custom AR solutions by INDE

BroadcastAR, The Hero Mirror and Live Avatar

We've partnered with leading global AR company INDE to offer brands, event planners, marketers and retailers their range of turnkey, on-site interactive augmented reality solutions for live events and retail.

INDE develops award-winning interactive and immersive products and experiences in entertainment, education and advertising. Since 2011, they have launched augmented reality systems in over 40 countries for companies and institutions such as American Express, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic, Coca-Cola, WWF, Smithsonian Institution, Universal Studios, BBC Worldwide, GE and Guinness Book of World Records.

INDE's award-winning BroadcastAR system installs a customisable, interactive 3D Augmented Reality experience on any screen large or small. It creates a unique edutainment and media platform capable of attracting, engaging and educating individuals and groups, through a mixture of the real world and digital content.

Users can learn, explore and touch the untouchable while immersed in cinema quality 3D environments and interact with photo-realistic characters in real time. Off-the-shelf content packages include a huge range of environments featuring everything from dinosaurs to killer whales. Custom 3D can be commissioned via INDE’s content creation team.

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Broadcast AR Interactive
BroadcastAR is designed to deliver individual and group Augmented Reality experiences in public environments.

BroadcastAR Interactive provides the ultimate and highest quality solution for brands seeking to revolutionise the way they engage, entertain and speak to the world.

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Hero Mirror
INDE’s next-generation Augmented Reality mirror lets users meet and interact with some of the greatest animated characters around through a totally unique immersive experience. HeroMirror is a highly effective tool to attract and engage users in entertainment, event and other spaces.

Operating on a kiosk size footprint, HeroMirror offers the ultimate entertainment solution in any location with limited space size. The system creates instant snapshots for immediate share via email or on-site printing, which can be turned into a valuable branding and revenue opportunity.

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Live Avatar
LiveAvatar, INDE's plug-and-play 3D character control system connects to BroadcastAR to deliver a unique Augmented Reality experience within a large-screen setup. LiveAvatar offers 100% live interaction between the audience and any 3D character which is controlled by an actor in real time.

LiveAvatar creates unparalleled levels of entertainment in a fully gamified AR environment perfect for education and entertainment. 3D Characters can either be ready-made, such as SEAN the alien, or subject to custom content development with a wide range of options.

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