Micheal Bublé Snow Lens & Filter

A Snowy Christmas AR Lens and Filter for Michael Bublé and Warner Records Introduces Gen Z to the Artist Behind the Season’s Most Popular Songs.

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé released his fifth major label studio album, Christmas, in October of 2011, and his rendition of both original and classic tracks like ‘White Christmas’ and ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas’ have been on a non-stop global rotation every December since.

AccessAR and Warner Records have brought that cozy Bublé Christmas feeling to life with a seasonal Snapchat lens, Instagram and Facebook filter. These interactive augmented reality experiences transport social media users around the world into a snowy winter wonderland, and come complete with a soundtrack sure to grow the heart of even the greenest Christmas Grinch.

Look for the ‘Snow’ lens in the Snapchat Community lens library, go to @MichaelBuble on Instagram and tap the smiley face filter button underneath the highlights reel, or go to his page in the Facebook app and tap on the camera icon in the top left corner—or swipe right from News Feed!

Opening with the front facing camera, a warm, woolly toque (that’s a beanie, for those of you south of the border) appears on one or two users’ heads, while snowflakes gathers on top of the toque and eyelashes. Dust it off with a shake of the head and blink of the eyelashes, and open your mouth to see your own frosty breath appear. Tap the screen to change the music and swap toques with your friend or loved one!

Use the lens or filter alone...

Or use it with a friend!

In the first three days of the campaign, the Snapchat lens, Instagram and Facebook filter had over 5.4M combined impressions and close to 3.7M plays. After one week, the Snapchat lens alone had 7M impressions and is officially the most successful music lens to ever be featured in Snapchat’s Community Lens Library—all without any paid ad spend.

By releasing Michael Bublé’s Christmas AR experience across Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, Warner ensures that fans of all ages are able to easily find and experience his Christmas magic on their preferred social platform.

AccessAR’s collaboration with Warner Records and Michael Bublé signals our mission to change the way audiences discover, consume and interact with music through social media. You can expect our team at AccessAR to continue to innovate, educate and support market adoption of AR lenses and filters on TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and the web. Reach out to learn more about how you can use AR lenses and filters to increase the reach of your next campaign!


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