Peach & Lily Instagram Filter

Award-winning Korean skin care brand Peach & Lily by Alicia Yoon uses an Instagram AR filter to promote their coveted Glass Skin Refining Serum.

Cult beauty brand Peach & Lily was founded in 2012 by Harvard Business School grad and Esthetician Alicia Yoon – first with imported Korean beauty products and then an in-house line of clean beauty products in 2016.

The phrase 'glass skin' originated in the K-Beauty scene, and is used to describe a complexion that is used to describe a complexion so luminous and poreless it could be modelled from glass. While Peach & Lily's complete range of products are designed to help users' achieve just that, the Glass Skin Refining Serum is known amongst the cult brand's followers as the holy grail of skin care.

Peach & Lily's marketing team wanted to create an Instagram AR filter that gives users poreless, luminous and translucent skin - just like the real product. But they also wanted the filter to be an immersive, magical experience with light beams and sparkling lights, inspired by Edward's reveal scene in the movie Twilight. This creative concept exemplifies the type of AR filters that get the most play on Instagram – users look for experiences that will enhance their everyday Story content without completely transforming them.

The P&L Glass filter was launched in conjunction with an in-store event in New York City in spring 2020, and Peach & Lily kicked off the filter campaign with brand influencers and team members sharing Story content using the filter to help spread the word. Brand founder Alicia regularly hosts Instagram Live sessions to educate consumers about skincare best practices and products, and she used the filter multiple times while livestreaming to continue driving engagement over a period of weeks.

Peach & Lily achieved six-figure impressions and captures within the first week of the campaign, and this filter is the perfect example of how beauty brands can leverage Instagram AR to promote their brands and products. By creating an experience that users will want to use every time they open their Instagram camera, they are more effectively promoting the Peach & Lily name than an overly-branded experience that Instagrammers will use just one time before moving on.


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